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Mardi 13 mars 2012

APPEL: "SOUND//SPACE", a 'pop-up' independent record store+

SoundFjord is currently organising "SOUND//SPACE", a 'pop-up' independent record store+, for the humongous V22 space at Bermondsey, during their Summer Club, from May-July 2012.

The space will be a record store plus a cosy hub for conversation across genre (from experimental music and sound art, to jazz and exploratory music), Sound//Space will showcase the most creative individuals and labels within the industry, and will also feature talks, masterclasses, sound/music workshops and performances related to the labels involved.

SOUND//SPACE, as a centre for sonic exploration, will be a place to:
a.) buy independent and hand-made music and sound art.
b.) look at album covers and works curated by labels.
c.) meet like-minded individuals, artists/musicians, label owners, and to discuss interests.
d.) listen to sound samples from records, CDs and similar media.
e.) experience unusual live music and sound art.
f.) learn - via workshops and lectures.
g.) join in - via talks with artists and folk in the business.
h.) have fun, have a go!! e.g with instruments brought to the space e.g. theremin, synths, hand made instruments.

SoundFjord is eager to talk with:
a.) individuals making hand-made releases.
b.) independent labels that are interested in promoting/selling their releases in the shop.
c) labels that would like to curate performances by artists signed to their labels.

SoundFjord is also interested in speaking to those who:
a.) produce workshops related to sound/music production; specific technologies/software; electronics; film-sound; Foley; field recording; radio/podcasting; soundwalks; instrument making; or other skills/practices of interest.
b.) conduct lectures/talks on current trends in experimental music; alternative methodologies for music production e.g. visual scores; cross cultural platforms; history of technology; ethnomusicology; or other matters of interest.
c.) are signed to independent labels, are free to perform during May-July, and are based in the UK (or who have funding to travel).
d.) are looking for arts administration and arts marketing experience!!

Contact us at the email address below detailing how you'd like to be involved ASAP.
helen [at] soundfjord [dot] org [dot] uk (Add "Sound//Space" to the subject bar)

N.B. Please feel free to pass this information on to your colleagues and other interested parties.

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