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The AAAPNB is an Acadian arts service organization for professional artists. The mission of the association is to protect the rights and represent the interests of artists, and to promote the recognition of their contributions to society.


As the professional association which speaks for French-speaking artists in New Brunswick, AAAPNB's primary role is to represent the interests of artists, advocate on their behalf, and ensure that individuals and groups with political and social influence on the socioeconomic status of artists fully recogniize their importance. AAAPNB also offers a wide range of services to support the professional work of individual artists and collectives. It contributes to the consolidation of different arts disciplines and, more broadly, to the development of an ecosystem which fosters the growth and enhances the visibility of artists. Lastly, it establishes partnerships with other sectors of society in order to better position artists and the arts in every sphere of activity.

A Global Strategy for Integrating the arts and Culture into Acadian Society in New Brunswick

In 2009, AAAPNB released Stratégie globale at the fourth World Acadian Congress, in Caraquet. A road map to integrating arts and culture into Acadian New Brunswick, the document was the distillation of months of discussion, debate, and defining of priorities. Recognizing the similarities of purpose and objectives, ArtsLink NB saw great value in bringing this document to the Anglophone arts community. In 2010, it commissioned a translation of this key strategic document.

A Global Strategy (pdf)

Status of the artist in New Brunswick

The artist’s profession is not very well‐recognized or well-­supported in New Brunswick. In order to deal with some of the challenges artists face and to set the stage for the work of the Premier’s Committee on the Status of the Artist, which held its first meeting in July 2014, AAAPNB organized a Forum on the Professional Status of Artists in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting. The Forum was held on May 31, June 1 and 2, 2013 in Shippagan and Lamèque. The professional status of artists in New Brunswick. Towards a concrete recognition of professional artists and their right to make a living from their art. Report on the Forum on the Professional Status of Artists in New Brunswick was launched in 2014.

Report on the Forum on the Professional Status of Artists in New Brunswick (pdf)

Cultural human resources

As do all workers, artists and cultural workers need not only education and training to begin their careers, but also continuing education and the opportunity to further their knowledge and increase their skills throughout their lives. In every profession or trade, new techniques and technology, modifications to laws and increased responsibilities require workers to acquire new competencies on an ongoing basis. To respond to these needs, the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour and the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture mandated AAAPNB to lead a consultation process with stakeholders and to propose an action plan.

The report of the roundtable’s work was filed on July 3, 2014 to the Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, Jody Carr, and to the Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, Trevor Holder. On this occasion, the government committed to support the transition for the next two years. You can find the press release at the following link.

Download the report Designing a new structure for developing cultural human resources in New Brunswick (pdf).

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